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About Us

SR Management Company is a family owned and operated apartment management company based in Washington, DC.  For over 50 years, our Company has managed apartments throughout the region, and we continue to manage three properties that were developed by our founder, Saul Ritzenberg.

Our Company is guided by our founder’s philosophy that its tenants are entitled to enjoy a quality living and community experience at a competitive rent.  We aim to always provide our tenants with first-rate service, address their individual needs, and treat them fairly and with respect.  By following this philosophy, while also diligently maintaining and upgrading our properties, we have provided tens of thousands of individuals and families with a satisfying rental experience.

SR Management Company is also proud that so many of our employees have chosen to work for the Company for more than 20 years, and that almost all of them make one of our properties their home.  As members of the SR Management family, they take special pride in the apartment community where they live and work.

SR Management’s corporate-level executives and staff have also been involved in the area’s multi-family industry for several decades.  Their careful attention to the financial, organizational, planning, and legal aspects of each property has resulted in consistent, successful results for our investors for more than 50 years.

Note:  SR Management Company is the doing business name in Maryland and Virginia for Saul Maintenance Corporation, a District of Columbia corporation. SR Management Company (DC) is the doing business name for Saul Maintenance Corporation in the District of Columbia, where the Company is headquartered. The Company does not manage any apartments in the District of Columbia, and is in no way affiliated with S and R Management Company nor with S & R Management Company.